Hockema Whalen Myers Associates, Inc. (HWMA) is a full-service consulting and engineering firm delivering exceptional service to clients in the marine industry throughout the United States.  Our complete suite of services spans from conceptual design through construction management.  We offer 3-D design capabilities for construction efficiency and long-term value.  Our goal is to help each of our clients meet its goal of a superior and cost-effective engineered project.
Some of the specific services we offer:
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Preliminary new vessel design, conceptual layouts, parametric studies for all vessel types
  • Hull form development including consulting on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis (typically in concert with one of our expert partner firms), and model testing.
  • Speed-power analysis, vessel performance
  • 3D design of hull-forms, structures, piping systems, rigging and equipment
  • Structural design and analysis in metal and FRP
  • Tonnage and admeasurement
  • Marine electrical engineering
  • Stability analysis, load manuals, and customized vessel loading software development
  • Barge load-outs and docking plans
Construction Project Management
  • Partnering with specialized lofting subcontractors
  • On-sight consulting
  • Expert Witness